There's a ton of f*cking cursing in this new red band trailer for Seven Psychopaths

I am in deep smit with Martin McDonagh. This guy knows what I like. For those who haven't seen his previous film, IN BRUGES, you are doing yourself a terrible injustice. His resume might be short on the feature side of things, but he definitely shows promise. When I found out about the cast of his second film, SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS that was it for me. He put three of my favorite actors together: Christopher Walken, Colin Farrell and Sam Rockwell. Not to mention throwing in Tom Waits for good measure.

The second trailer for the film has some stuff you've already seen, some you haven't, and a healthy dose of f*ck. I recommend at least 4 "f*cks" a day, though I often surpass this number and head for the double digits. I think you're going to love this trailer. There are so many great lines, especially the dialogue between Rockwell and Waits.

Do yourself a f*cking favor and just watch this red band trailer already.

Extra Tidbit: "You f*cking retract that bit about my c*nt fucking kids!"
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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