There's a woman waiting in the shadows in first trailer for Lights Out

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There's a reason you should be afraid of the dark if you check with director David Sandberg, and it's because there's a creepy woman lurking in the shadows every time you turn the lights off. That's the type of idea that is perfectly capable of giving you nightmares and New Line is counting on it as they debuted the first trailer for Sandberg's LIGHTS OUT over the weekend at WonderCon.

Produced by James Wan, LIGHTS OUT blows Sandberg's original under 3 minutes horror short up into a feature film starring Teresa Palmer. Once again, there is something in the shadows that we should all be concerned with, but it may not be so easy to get rid of as just keeping the light on.

From what I've been hearing, New Line has been testing the film for a bit now and it's been testing through the roof with audiences who have seen it. Its prime summer release date is a sign of the major confidence the studio has that LIGHTS OUT can be a big summer hit for them, much in the same way as THE CONJURING was, and they are ready to push it accordingly. Needless to say, they like the movie they have on their hands, and this first look justifies it.

LIGHTS OUT lands in theaters on July 22.

Source: New Line



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