It's in your plumbing in new photo from the It remake

Last week we reported on a new image of Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard) from the upcoming IT remake, which unfortunately had to be taken down because of the image's link to the Roswell UFO crash of 1947. However, the spirit of Christmas worked it’s magic, and we've been treated with a new, authorized look at the demon clown (aren’t they all?) from the famous Stephen King novel.

More creepy-homeless-man-following-you-home-at-night and less scary-uncle-who-watches-you-sleep than previous images, this new pic at least features a brighter look at the hellish children's entertainer, showing the fluorescent-orange madness of his ginger hair, and the seemingly blood-soaked cotton balls sewn onto his suit.

But why am I trying to describe this nightmare when you can just have it imprinted into your brain? Enjoy!

Sadly I didn’t get a chance to see the new image of Pennywise before it was taken down, so this is the newest version I have in my mind. But for those who did get to sneak a peek beforehand now have a way better visual than most as to what the fiendish carny will look like when it haunts your steps in oversized shoes next year. Frankly I find all clowns terrifying, so this gets under my skin much more easily than other movie baddies. It's probably the hair. So orange.

IT is scheduled for September 8 directed by Andres Muschietti.

Source: EW



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