Theron & McAvoy get some in final Atomic Blonde trailer

Keanu Reeves returned for another round of ass whoopin’s this year in JOHN WICK: CHAPTER TWO, but he may have some hard competition for Biggest Badass of the Year against Charlize Theron In ATOMIC BLONDE. The final trailer for the new action movie dropped and she looks more and more like an action hero in every second. Covered in blood, shooting fools, kicking them down steps; she does it all, while looking dressed to kill the whole time. Take a look, and be ashamed you’re not as cool.

James McAvoy is a huge part of this movie, so I’ve been wondering where he’s been in the marketing. But this trailer does an excellent job of detailing his role in the film and the dynamic he has with Theron. But, this is Theron’s show, and from the look of that bloody face she’s going to go absolutely bonkers on everyone who stands in her way. John Wick would even get out of her path. Or they'd have the most epic battle ever. Sequel plans!

ATOMIC BLONDE arrives July 28.

Source: Focus Features



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