These 4 characters posters for The Peanuts Movie are brimming with cuteness


This Christmas will see the movie that most fans of Charlie Brown never thought would happen. The fully 3D/CGI animated PEANUTS movie will hit theaters, bringing the iconic Charles Schulz creations from their two-dimensional home to a much different one. The humor and heart from the comic strip and television specials seems to have translated well in the first trailer for the film and now we have a look at four cute character posters featuring the most popular characters from the group.

It took me a long time to get the humor in PEANUTS. A lot of it seemed boring, but as I got older, I appreciated Schulz telling these tales through the lives and minds of precocious children and their beagle. I am partial to the Thanksgiving and Christmas specials, but nothing beats the old newspaper comic strip. The movie will have a challenge in stretching what barely worked as a 22 minute special into a feature length film, especially with some characters being completely dialogue-free.

THE PEANUTS MOVIE hits theaters on November 6, 2015.

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