These new featurettes open up some of the characters of Tomorrowland

Disney's marketing team hasn't exactly done the best job selling TOMORROWLAND to the masses, and while I haven't had the pleasure of seeing it yet, I have total faith that director Brad Bird (MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - GHOST PROTOCOL) has crafted something fun for audiences this summer. With that said, a couple of featurettes have dropped talking about the female leads of the movie. That may surprise you, as only one female has been present in the bulk of American trailers, but allow the following to open up the scope of the film for you a little bit.

Writer Damon Lindelof (STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, PROMETHEUS) is known for playing things close to his chest, but in this case, I think it would do Disney well to open up the story a little bit so people have a clear understanding about what kind of movie they're looking at. I'm not saying we need to go to TERMINATOR: GENISYS lengths here, but just enough so we can see what kind of adventure we're in store for.

TOMORROWLAND will open on May 22, 2015.



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