These toy commercials have some potential spoilers for Man of Steel

We still haven't seen any clear video of Zack Snyder's Superman in action aside from those old publicity shots and set photos. It will still be a little while before we see the full trailer of what MAN OF STEEL has in store for us. But, to get ready, toy manufacturers are already prepping their commercials in anticipation of one of the biggest movies of next year.

These rough commercials made their way online courtesy of Bleeding Cool and present two new lines of toys for the movie. One, called Superman Flight Speeders looks like another cheap line that creates multiple different variations of costumes just to sell kids more toys. Not much exciting there. But, the other line, Superman Exploders, features a look at a cartoon version of General Zod as well as another villain.

Warning: Do not watch these if you wish to remain spoiler free for MAN OF STEEL.

Part of me thought these were fake commercials or spoofs of early 90s toys, but they look like they may be the real deal. If so, these are cheap ass toys that I wouldn't buy for my kids. But, that Exploders commercial does give an interesting, inhuman looking General Zod. Granted, the toys look like they are deformed takes on the characters, but I don't know why they would alter skin tone and overall character design just for the toy. Plus, the inclusion of Black Zero does keep in line with the Lego toy descriptions from a few weeks ago.

These could be toys that have no direct correlation with MAN OF STEEL. If they do, what do you think?

MAN OF STEEL opens in theaters on June 14, 2013.

Source: Bleeding Cool



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