These two new images from Edge of Tomorrow focus on stars Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt

Tomorrow the first trailer for Doug Liman's EDGE OF TOMORROW hits. While we're used to seeing Tom Cruise in an action packed film, we aren't as familiar with seeing his co-star Emily Blunt in this way. In these new pictures, Blunt is kinda reminding me of Sarah Connor. Certainly not a bad thing.

The actress plays Special Forces warrior Rita Vrataski who battles alongside Cruise's character each time he is resurrected and brought back into battle against aliens. Her training included weights, sprints, gymnastics, aerial wire work, and yoga six days a week for three months. The best part is that she was taught Krav Maga, a lethal form of martial arts that she says uses "pretty much everything including your teeth to destroy."

Cruise wanted Blunt who was seen as a "natural athlete". He was impressed with her abilities, "She showed up and that girl was ready to roll, she was so fit. She is a badass and she totally crushes it here." Speaking of Cruise, we see him again here in the mech suit. It took the actor 20 minutes to get into it, and one of the suits which included angel wings, a sniper rifle, and missile launcher weighted 130 pounds. Eh, he can do it.

Check out the photos below.

Source: USA Today



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