They'll make a movie out of anything now case file #1138: Duck Duck Goose

So it seems we're living in a real-life MR. SHOW sketch. I swear to God, I feel like any moment that we're going to be hearing Sony announcing COUPON: THE MOVIE. I mean, I'm not saying making movies out of stupid shit has just started now (let's not forget we had a movie about aliens who loved McDonald's and Coke), but it seems to be getting worse by the year. I mean, DUCK DUCK GOOSE? What's next a movie about TAG? Wait...that one exists!? Goddammit!

Anyway the new movie stars Jim Gaffigan as a goofy goose who gets lost and must train a couple of impressionable ducks (one voiced by new MJ Zendaya), thus fulfilling the bare minimum to justify the title DUCK DUCK GOOSE. Look, I love me some Jim Gaffigan, but this looks like the dictionary definition of mediocre. You can see it for yourself in the trailer below:

I'll say this: the animation is pretty solid, and Jim Gaffigan actually acquits himself well in the voice role. He actually sells some unfunny jokes, and makes it look like it could be somewhat bearable.  And, honestly, I don't doubt the movie is okay and probably has some solid jokes, but it's also just such a weird case of using something recognizable to sell an average-as-hell animated film. At least they didn't have to pay for an IP.

Meanwhile, DUCK DUCK GOOSE will hit pat your head in theaters April 20th, 2018.

Extra Tidbit: Did the trailer just "They're all plucked?" I think it did.
Source: YouTube



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