Things get eeire in new promo videos for American Horror Story season six

It would be an understatement to say that my AMERICAN HORROR STORY viewing has been scattered. I saw season one; small bits of seasons two and three; all of season 4; none of season five. What can I say? It's a good series, it’s just not on the same level for me as say GAME OF THRONES or HOUSE OF CARDS. However, these new promos for the sixth season may change that.

FX has just released six new promos for the sixth season, simply being called “?6”. The new season will switch up the setting from last season's Hotel by taking viewers to the undeniably creepy setting of a country farm home. The videos are definitely giving me a HILLS HAVE EYES/TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE vibe, which if done properly, could make for the show’s most interesting, terrifying season yet—that coming for a not-so-die-hard-fan view, anyway.

Take a look...if you dare!

The series will return on September 14, with series regulars like Lady Gaga, Angela Basset, Cheyenne Jackson and Evan Peters said to return.

Source: FX



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