This description of a trailer for World War Z makes the movie sound downright disturbing

World War Z book coverWhatever went down (artistically speaking) with WORLD WAR Z seems to have worked, because this description of the trailer shown at a Paramount preview event is downright disturbing and definitely on par with the state of terror I've to which I've always imagined society would descend should zombies ever become a reality.

"The presentation ended on a profoundly high note with a trailer for the adaptation of Max Brooks' zombie novel, WORLD WAR Z. It begins with Brad Pitt's character sitting in traffic with his family. They're busy playing a game when a cop bashes on their window in a panic. Standing near the driver side window, the cop begs Pitt to stay in his vehicle and, soon thereafter, is pummeled by a bus careening out of control.  An explosion erupts and a mass of people race down the city streets. Pitt and his family hop into an abandoned RV and we get a glimpse of the world in madness. Beyond an unusual pair of eyes, we don't get a good look at World War Z's zombies, but the measures the uninfected take to reach safety might further confirm what last year's set footage revealed - that these zombies can run. In the trailer, gigantic hordes of people are scrambling for dear life. They're not just pushing and shoving each other out of the way, rather climbing on top of each other and manically hanging onto a hovering helicopter. In one of the trailer's final shots, there's a mountain of people trying to climb over a wall that must be hundreds of wriggling bodies high. The material is dark and downright horrifying, not only showing what could happen should the undead invade on a physical level, but also reflecting the societal meltdown that would ensue, and the pure chaos we'd be left with. WORLD WAR Z was certainly the crown jewel of the presentation and, based on the footage, looks to be well worth the wait."

Well wow.  Color me impressed, because that does sound f**king fantastic.  Despite all of the behind-the-scenes hullabaloo I was still looking forward to this project, and I am all the more so now.  I'd love to see a harrowing adventure story complete with horror on a grand scale, and I know if anyone can pull that off, it's Brad Pitt.  Hopefully the reshoots are going well (if they aren't already done) and we'll soon get to check out a trailer for ourselves, though after having read that description I'm going to be rather grumpy if the first footage we see skimps on the more controversial imagery. 

But what about you? Does the above description restore any confidence that you may have lost?

Angelina Jolie wearing plastic

Pitt is married to Jolie, and we haven't run a nice pic like this of her in a while.  Sigh.  It's a hard life out here on the internet...

Extra Tidbit: Hey Paramount - can you please release even a single promotional image so that I can stop running the same shit over and over (and over and over) again?
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