This featurette makes the case for Gravity to win the Oscar for Visual Effects

We sometimes take for granted what visual effects artists do. Last year we got to see in depth looks at the massive amount of CGI work that went into films like THE AVENGERS and LIFE OF PI and, while impressive, they were worlds created out of nothing to achieve the scene. Sometimes, it is the little things that make all the difference.

When we see what James Cameron had to do to make AVATAR and achieve the great 3D elements, it should come as no surprise how much detail went into GRAVITY. This featurette from FX house Prime Focus World shows what they had to do for a scene featuring Sandra Bullock inside her craft. Now, this is not the trailer scenes of the space station being destroyed or even a shot in space at all, but the amount of detail needed for the breath effects, the floating objects, and the depth needed to achieve the 3D are astounding. Plus, how much of this did we even discern as 3D in the movie?

GRAVITY is going to be a major nominee at the Oscars this year. While I hope Best Picture and Best Director are on the docket, I would assume Visual Effects are one of their top chances at guaranteed awards.


Source: CinemaBlend



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