This IMAX poster for Pacific Rim is just plain awesome! Get it Thursday night!

I've heard nothing but delightful things about Guillermo del Toro's PACIFIC RIM. There's definitely a lot of love and support for the robots versus monsters film. Predictions are already saying that the flick will only have a $25-$35 million opening this weekend. What do we boil this possibility down to-- marketing? Del Toro not yet being a household name? Or is it something else? My hopes are that the film does great, and del toro gets to continue to make as many ambitious projects as his little heart will allow.

For those who do go and check out the film on Thursday night might be happy to know that you will also be getting a very awesome IMAX poster from artist Sergio Grisanti. Of course you have to visit one of the participating theaters in order to get one. I think it would be worth it if you are near one.

Del Toro said this of the artist and his poster for the film:

"I am thrilled to introduce Sergio Grisanti to the world. For years he has been a highly respected commercial artist. When I was first exposed to his art for Pacific Rim I knew instantly that he was a powerhouse of talent. He created the Jaeger posters/card art we used at Wondercon. Without any hesitation I asked him to create this new IMAX FANFIX art. Look at it closely- with a magnifying glass! So much going on! Such power! Such beauty! Sergio loves his Kaijus and his Mecha, and it shows. The poster, like my film, is a tribute to well-loved things. I wish all the fans the best time at the first IMAX screenings of PACIFIC RIM. Enjoy!"

Check it out below!

Extra Tidbit: For more on Grisanti head here.
Source: IMAX



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