This is bad theatre!

Yesterday I posted a brilliant short film where Martin Scorcese pays homage to Alfred Hitchcock by shooting a number of scenes in a way that is so Hitchcockian, it was as though Hitch himself (not Will Smith’s dating doctor) was briefly resurrected. Today I’ve been directed towards another short of sorts starring another iconic American director, David Lynch, and I’d say that if this was fictional it'd be a masterwork, an ingenious collision of the Lynchian and the YouTubian. But it’s real, and it’s surreal (Lynch’s involvement no doubt contributes to that) and it’s mysterious, and creepy and at first a little confusing. I will not contextualize the content of these videos. Watch them as I did, blindly, and ask as yourself as I did, “what the hell is this?” Afterwards, if you need an explanation, head to an article about the incident at Time.com. The video comes in two parts, both of which are available BELOW. Thanks to ‘Roger Ebert’ for the heads up.

Extra Tidbit: Yes, that Roger Ebert.
Source: YouTube



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