This Means War trailer pits Hardy vs. Pine over Witherspoon

I’m not sure what to make of THIS IS WAR, which is a spy/action/romantic comedy with a cast of actors I generally like. The first trailer is below, and it's definitely an interesting concept to say the least.

Chris Pine and Tom Hardy play spies that are the best of friends that fall for the same girl, and once they figure it out, go to war with each other using all the spy tech and training they have. Whether it’s hacking into a sprinkler system, using aerial drone surveillance or shooting tranq darts, they’re pulling out all the stops to win.

Could be funny, could be lame, and I’m not sure what to think even after this spot. Tom Hardy seems like an odd choice here, as I never picture him anywhere near a rom com, even if there is death and mayhem involved. Check it out for yourself below, and let me know what you make of it.

Extra Tidbit: Hardy actually replaced Sam Worthington in this movie.
Source: JoBlo.com



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