This new trailer for Safe starring Jason Statham is just that

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A new trailer for Jason Statham's next action thriller SAFE has dropped and, as it's mostly lots of pretty colors and quick edits and an intensity amped by "trailer voiceover guy" with a few new scenes and information, there isn't much here that is any more or less inspiring than the last trailer.  I would love to see Statham tackle a slower, more complex story like LEON: THE PROFESSIONAL, because I very much think he's got the acting chops to do so buried somewhere in there.  But until such an opportunity presents itself, we've got SAFE - though if the quip at the end is any indication, perhaps there's a bit more fun to be had here than I previously feared.

I do quite like the look of the movie, but then again, enjoying the visual side of a certain other recent action thriller didn't change the relatively uninspired action or story that it contained. I guess I'll be able to see for myself soon enough, as SAFE releases in just a little over two months on April 27th.

Extra Tidbit: I am a big fan of the title's pun. I like puns. I like them a lot.
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