This possible concept art from the upcoming Hellraiser reboot has such sights to show you!

Pinhead new concept art slice
One of the most enduring creations of Clive Barker is that of the HELLRAISER series and Pinhead, its lead demon/angel/"explorer in the further region of experience."  And they will happily continue to endure if Dimension Studio's desired reboot comes to pass, which may very well be sooner than not if Dimension is pleased by this concept art and the teaser trailer soon set to accompany it.

In July Paul Gerrard (Wrath Of The Titans, Battle LA) and Mike Le Han (Mrs Peppercorn’s Magical Reading Room) produced a teaser trailer to accompany the pitch document which has many more conceptual designs that revision Hellraiser. Paul designed the new look for Pinhead and was production designer on the shoot and Le Han pulled in all of his film resources and directed the teaser on the new Alex 4:3 camera with anamorphic lenses.
With a crew of 47 an over 100 bloodied extras, the shoot was completed and is now in the depths of post production with a massive amount of VFX work being undertaken. Method Studios, Fugitive Studios and Flipbook Animation are helming the chi/VFX with the talented Glen Southern designing the new Hellraiser box.
When the teaser is complete they’ll be presenting it to Dimension Films along with an outline of the first film story and conceptual art pitch document with the hope to work on rebooting the Hell raiser franchise and bringing it into the 21st Century.

If that trailer ever comes to be released on the internet, you can sure we'll get it up here right quick.  Meanwhile, how are you feeling about the sense of visual direction that these pieces of art provide? And more specifically, how are you feeling about the rough and haphazard way nails have been hammered into Pinhead's body - is it okay to be that way, or did you prefer the more ordered look of past series entries for reasons beyond the sentimental?

Hellraiser new concept art 1

Hellraiser new concept art 2

Hellraiser new concept art 3
Extra Tidbit: That third bit of concept art, the one right above this text with the creature in the foreground, was labeled "Watergod Chamber."
Source: GeekTyrant



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