This R-rated trailer for 21 Jump Street is actually pretty funny

Well, it's not the 21 JUMP STREET you grew up on but it's pretty damn funny nonetheless.

CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS is an entertaining little flick but not many purple knew what to think when directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were hired to work on the comedic remake of the acclaimed drama series 21 JUMP STREET, especially one with a script written by Jonah Hill. He's not exactly a Johnny Depp type, after all, and to hear that he was starring in the film as well it became obvious that they were taking the series in an entirely new direction.

From this just-released trailer 21 JUMP STREET feels more like another Jonah Hill film like SUPERBAD than anything else, which could definitely turn off purists. But still, it's about cops infiltrating a high school. How serious could you get?

Note that this is a three minute long trailer that feels like it gives away the whole film, or at least most of the jokes. Watch at your own risk!

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