This trailer for Killers will make you pray it was anything else

Okay, so maybe the subject is a little harsh, but this trailer for KILLERS is just uninspired and blah.

There are reasons to post it though: Tom Selleck, Catherine O'Hara, and the fact that there is an audience out there for it. It's really reminding me of KNIGHT & DAY, you know, the one with Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise.

The film is about a newly single woman (Katherine Heigl) who while vacationing with her parents (Selleck & O'Hara) meets the perfect guy. The relationship seems great until she finds out that her husband is an undercover assassin. Things get progressively worse when they discover that they have a hit out on them. Now the pair must run for their lives, all while trying to keep their marriage together. Yawn.

Extra Tidbit: If you had to choose between watching this, KNIGHT & DAY, or THE BOUNTY HUNTER, which would you go see? None is not one of the choices. :)
Source: Yahoo Movies



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