This trailer for Knight & Day is also a playable first person shooter

First is was motion posters, now it's games.

The new trailer for KNIGHT & DAY doubles as a first person shooter.

While you can't take out Cameron Diaz, you get the opportunity to snuff out the bad guys within the trailer.

It was a little tricky for me, I must admit. I'm honestly not good at any FPS (Co-op or not) game except Left 4 Dead 2. However, if you mess up like I did, your health will drain and the game will end along with the trailer. Of course I was sucked in and ended up playing more than a few times.

When it comes to the film, I'm actually pretty interested in seeing it. I'm with Tom Cruise even when he's jumping on couches and acting zany. I was even with him in LAST SAMURAI (which I liked). So I can't bail out on him now. Besides this doesn't look that bad.

Click on the screenshot to head on over to the trailer game. Here's the game instructions from the press release. You can also train before you play: "The unique shooting/fighting experience allows audiences to play along with Tom Cruise’s Roy Miller character in the film’s theatrical trailer. Players gain points as they help Roy make narrow escapes and battle a seemingly endless stream of attackers. The faster and more accurately a player completes a task, the higher their score will be. The player’s “game health” is tracked, and if their skills aren’t up to the task, the screen darkens and ultimately cracks. Players’ final scores can be shared with other intrepid “agents” via top social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter."

Extra Tidbit: What do you guys think of this game trailer?
Source: Fox Movies



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