This trailer for Magic City's second season shows that Boardwalk Empire may not be the best crime drama on cable

Starz does not command the same level of respect as AMC or HBO. The recently cancelled BOSS was one of the best dramas on television and the Miami crime drama MAGIC CITY is another. Luckily, MAGIC CITY is coming back for a second season of 1950s organized crime and gratuitous nudity.

MAGIC CITY's first season centered on Isaac Evans (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the Jewish proprietor of the Miramar Playa hotel in Miami. The 1959-set series followed Evans and his relationship with the Chicago mob, personified by the psychotic Ben "The Butcher" Diamond (Danny Huston). Olga Kurylenko plays Evans gorgeous wife and Kelly Lynch portrays his sister-in-law.

The second season looks to up the star power with the inclusion of James Caan as Sy Berman, the head of the Chicago mob family. Rapper Rick Ross will also be joining the cast. This extended trailer for the second season of MAGIC CITY is absolutely NSFW, but got me pumped for new episodes this summer.

The best comparison I can make for MAGIC CITY is that it is BOARDWALK EMPIRE meets MAD MEN. While I think that MAD MEN is a better drama overall, I think I may like MAGIC CITY a little more than BOARDWALK EMPIRE. But, that could be because MAGIC CITY may be the first television series to feature badass Jews.

MAGIC CITY will air new episodes this Summer on Starz.

Extra Tidbit: The hottie in the image at the top is Jessica Marais. And yes, she is naked quite often in the first season. You are welcome.
Source: IndieWire



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