This trailer for Rise of the Guardians wants you to believe

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The last we heard from Dreamworks Animation's RISE OF THE GUARDIANS was about the curious collection of voices that viewers will be hearing, a motley assortment that includes Jude Law, Chris Pine, Alex Baldwin, Isla Fisher, and Hugh Jackman. But today that changes, with a nifty new trailer on the loose that introduces each of the guardians (Santa, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Jack Frost) and their fearsome foe, Pitch.

I have to admit I actually had the very pleasant surprise upon watching the trailer of not recognizing any of the voices (except for Law's), so well done there Pine and co. What I did recognize was Marc Streitenfeld's score for Ridley Scott's ROBIN HOOD (click here to hear it) which, while it worked in the trailer and is an epic favorite of mine, seemed a bit out of place if only because it came from another movie that released so recently.

The Guardians ride out to save the childhoods of all on November 21st.

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Extra Tidbit: I'm really sick of the word "rise" in movie/videogame/book titles. I'm pretty sure we're well past the point of "vastly overused."
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