This trailer for Vampires Suck might suck out your will to live

While most have a good laugh at TWILIGHT parodies, there is no excuse for this unfunny trailer for VAMPIRES SUCK.

This is from "the guys who didn't want to sit through another vampire movie", which is funny because those guys made movies that I don't want to sit through like DATE MOVIE, DISASTER MOVIE, and EPIC MOVIE. Maybe they can suck each other. All puns intended.

Okay, so maybe you are over the vampire trend, but this isn't going to stop it. All this does is add another pile of crap to the crapfest that is Summer movies of 2010. This one comes at you right before school starts back up on August 18th.

A lot of money must of wrangled Ken Jeong into this project. Plus, the acting in these films is WAY worse than any TWILIGHT movie. Holy crap, did I just give the "acting" in those films a bit of credit? DAMN YOU TO HELL VAMPIRES SUCK!

Watch this if you dare...

The closest I want to get to VAMPIRES SUCK is this shirt that Sarah Michelle Gellar once wore.
Extra Tidbit: Films like this make me long to watch anything from Uwe Boll.
Source: JoBlo.com



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