This Transformers 4 plot synopsis gives us a better idea how the film fits into the series while also reimagining it

Michael Bay made the promise that TRANSFORMERS 4 would be a fresh start for the robot action series. With the casting of Mark Wahlberg, he took one step forward. By retaining screenwriter Ehren Kruger, one step back. How original can the fourth film be if you keep the same crew as the first three? This synopsis should give us a clue.

According to the Michigan Film Office, TRANSFORMERS 4 will be filming in downtown Detroit. The page also includes this plot summary for the movie:

Interesting. So, does this mean that we will be getting a different set of robots entirely? Does that mean no Optimus Prime? I like the idea of humans toying with creating their own robots. This could create some sort of TERMINATOR or PLANET OF THE APES scenario where our creations get the better of us and the Autobots have no choice but to come to our rescue.

This could potentially be a nice move for the series. I guess it hinges on additional casting and a glimpse at some footage. I wouldn't expect a trailer any time soon, but likely by the end of the year to rev up for the release date of June 27th, 2014.

Source: ScreenRant



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