This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Sept. 18

This week: Indy finally cracks his whip on Blu-ray; some vintage wild and crazy guy; and a scary romp out in the woods.

► Just as it took its sweet-ass time coming to DVD, the INDIANA JONES trilogy (that’s right – there are only three) finally comes to Blu-ray this week. ‘Raiders’ has been beautifully restored, but it’s the bonus stash that matters here: Two discs worth of extras include the brand new documentary ‘On Set With Raiders of the Lost Ark,’ and a 1981 ‘making of’ feature which hasn’t been seen in years. All special features from the previous DVD set return. If you want to call it a bonus, there’s some piece of crap called ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ thrown in as well.

► Much like ‘Scream’ a generation ago (16 years? Are you kidding me?), THE CABIN IN THE WOODS is one of the rare horror flicks which spoofs its own genre while still delivering the scares. Using ‘The Evil Dead’ as its launching point, a group of clichéd college kids head to a remote cabin to party, where all sorts of supernatural mayhem awaits. While all this is going on, a group of office technicians are following their every move. Likely the year’s best horror film, but as usual the pickings were slim.

► A mere three months after it was supposed to be one of the summer's big comedies, THAT'S MY BOY limps to Blu-ray/DVD. It took awhile, but Adam Sandler haters can finally breath easy - his touch of gold at the box office is gone. And it wasn't this movie that did it - it's a decent, romp that nicely pairs Sandler up with Andy Samberg. No, it was the loathsome movie before this, 'Jack and Jill,' which screwed Sandler's fans after years of loyalty. Unless something looks amazing (which 'That's My Boy' certainly didn't), it'll be a tough road back to the $100 million club for him. Until then, enjoy his first R-rated comedy, about a hopelessly immature dad (Sandler) trying to reconnect with the son (Samberg) he had after having sex with his high school teacher at 14.

► Every now and then, Steve Martin gives us a glimpse of the groundbreaking comic he used to be, then he squanders it making a terrible Pink Panther movie. Shout! Factory’s STEVE MARTIN: THE TELEVISION STUFF will show why a generation of kids in the ‘70s went nuts for him. Over six hours of gold includes his four NBC specials, two stand-up shows (including the rarely seen Live at the Troubadour in 1976), assorted Saturday Night Live skits and his Oscar-nominated short film from 1977, ‘The Absent-Minded Waiter.’ Fact: Someone you know will want this for Christmas.

► Wow, it is warfare out there in sitcom land: After three seasons, the backlash hits. ‘The Office’ gave way to ’30 Rock’ which gave way to MODERN FAMILY. And sure enough, the harping got louder during Season 3, despite better ratings than ever (it’s the #3 sitcom behind – ugh – ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and ‘Two and a Half Men’). How can anyone get sick of a cast this perfect? Best of the bunch this season may be ‘Election Day,’ directed by Bryan Cranston, with the family hitting the campaign trail for Claire. Choice Phil quote: “She feels great. Her spirits are high, the whole family’s high. There’s your headline.”

► Katy Perry does the mandatory movie bio thing with KATY PERRY: PART OF ME, but unlike Madonna – who mastered it with ‘Truth or Dare’ – she isn’t willing to show her ugly side. This is just an extended music promo for a singer with a whopping two albums. A missed opportunity, because despite the flack she takes, Perry is one of the few pop stars worthy to step in Madonna’s shadow these past 20 years. But not with fluff like this, which non-fans won’t be remotely interested in.

► You won’t need your grandparents around to enjoy THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL. Sometimes a low-key, sweet-natured movie like this is just what the movie doctor ordered after another summer of dreck. Maggie Smith, Judi Dench and Tom Wilkinson lead a cast of British seniors who are forced to stretch their retirement dollars further, and settle on a chaotic retreat in India. From ‘Shakespeare in Love’ director John Madden.

► The ‘Lost’ vibe is bigger than ever during the first episode of HAWAII FIVE-0’s second season when Terry O’Quinn joins the party as McGarrett’s mentor. He joins island alumni Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park as they try to clear McGarrett from charges he killed the Governor. Season 2 didn’t have the same luster as the first, but its procedural nature and brand name will likely keep it around for years.

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