This year's Oscars to be produced by...Brett Ratner?

I may have had a bit of faith restored in Brett Ratner after the rather good TOWER HEIST trailer last week, but to jump from that to putting the man in charge of the Oscars? What the hell?

As it turns out, even Ratner couldn't believe it:

"I had no idea. But Tom Sherak called me two weeks ago to come see him in his office. And I walk in and Tom is there with Dawn Hudson. And I thought I was being kicked out of Academy. I thought my maid had started bootlegging my Academy DVDs and I would be escorted out of the building and asked to relinquish my Academy cards."

But no, they asked him if he would produce this year's Oscars, and after going back and watching a lot of past telecasts, he reportedly called them up and said "I can do this. I'm really excited"

Despite not being a big Ratner fan, my conclusion to this news is "Why the hell not?" The Oscars seem to be getting worse every year, and if someone is going to come in and try to shake things up, I'm all for it. I'll be very curious to see who hosts this year, and I bet they'll go back to a standard comedian over an actor as last year's Franco/Hathaway combo was something of a disaster. I would vote for Ratner's old friend Jackie Chan. Tell me that wouldn't be amazing. Read more about the Ratner deal here at Deadline.

What do YOU want to see from the Oscars this year?

Extra Tidbit: Get rid of this moronic 10 Best Picture nominee thing. Every year you will just disappoint all the regular Joes who think their movie has a prayer of winning.
Source: Deadline



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