Thor 2 might have a release date and some new villains

Flame me if you will, but I thought THOR was just a touch overrated, as the visuals don't quite distract enough from a rather poorly structured story.

But none of that matters, as the movie was a hit with most, and has so far made gobs of money. A sequel is obvious, but it’s a matter of when and how. According to a source via Cinema Blend, we might have answers to both those questions.

The sequel will join IRON MAN 3 sometime in 2013, post-2012 AVENGERS. No firm date is set yet, but presumably it’ll be during the typical early blockbuster months. Additionally, there’s info about who the possible villains would be in the follow-up.

The source says that Enchantress and Executioner are being considered. She’s an Asgardian who uses her beauty to seduce and control, and he’s a brutish warrior loyal to her because of her charms.

Fans of the comics, how does that sound to you? 

Extra Tidbit: Priority number one of a sequel: Give Kat Dennings skimpier outfits.
Source: Cinema Blend



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