Thor's old roommate & BFF Darryl survived Thanos' snap

Many heroes were lost when Thanos snapped his fingers at the end of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, turning them all to ash. However, we can thank our lucky stars and the heavens above that one of the greatest second-tier MCU characters – Thor’s former roommate Darryl – survived the massive wipeout. Even though the world is half gone and all hope seems to be lost that doesn’t mean Darryl has forgotten about his pal, and he recently put out a video wishing his Asgardian chum happy birthday.

Granted, the birthday wish did come a bit late, but that’s only because he’s been having to work on the weekends to make up for the lack of other employees who did suffer the fate of disintegration. Still, he’s a good pal, and he got his message out on August 12, only missing Thor’s August 11 birthday (which, funny enough, is the same day as actor Chris Hemsworth’s birthday) by one day.  He also can’t help but ask for a few bucks, as he has sunken into some debt since Thor left. Too bad Thor’s home of Asgard was destroyed because that probably means his own god paychecks has stopped coming in. Hey, the economy is in a rough patch for everyone.

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is on Digital now and hits Blu-ray tomorrow. 

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