Thor star Chris Hemsworth may hunt bad guys in Shadow Runner

Expect all eight feet (estimated) of THOR star Chris Hemsworth to be a major box office presence in the immediate future. Once he finishes helping THE AVENGERS assemble as the Thunder God, he'll assist a famous fairy tale gal in SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN.

Some time after that, he might just have his very own special-ops action franchise. Sony is developing SHADOW RUNNER for the beefy Aussie, a high-profile project that would feature Hemsworth as an elite commando.

Specifics are being kept top secret, but Deadline says writer Hossein Amini was partially inspired by the real-life stealthy hotel assassination of a Hamas leader by a group of Mossad agents.

Amini also worked on the HUNTSMAN script, and adapted the novel DRIVE for Ryan Gosling and director Nicolas Winding Refn, who won Best Director for the vehicular thriller at Cannes.

Maybe we'll finally see Hemsworth in the endlessly delayed RED DAWN remake sometime before he takes to the shadows...

Extra Tidbit: Without his Thorlocks, doesn't Hemsworth kinda resemble a thicker Paul Walker?
Source: Deadline



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