Thor star Chris Hemsworth talks a tiny bit about The Avengers

We haven't even seen him unleash his Asgardian might in the upcoming THOR yet, but we're already anxious to know what the Thunder God will be up to when he gathers together with the rest of Marvel's heavy hitters in next summer's THE AVENGERS.

MTV caught up with Chris Hemsworth at Sundance and tried to squeeze some info from the large star, who was like a rock. But he did crumble just a bit: "I saw a very early draft, and yeah -- it's incredible."

He does give a bit more: "Everything about the story in the comic books is huge, you know, you have these huge big superheroes and these huge big egos crammed into one small space, and... reading the script, it was massive. Everything about it was like 'Oh my God.' I said to Joss [Whedon, AVENGERS writer-director], I dunno how you're gonna shoot this thing, but I'm excited to be on board."

Hemsworth was cagey when it came to confirming any details (particularly on the rumored Jeremy Renner appearance as Hawkeye in THOR), but did imply there would be plenty of friction (the bad kind) between Thor and other members of the Avengers roster, particularly one gigantic angry green guy.

Extra Tidbit: Maybe someday we'll actually get to see Hemsworth in the RED DAWN remake and THE CABIN IN THE WOODS, which he also worked on with AVENGERS assembler Joss Whedon. Both movies are finished but stuck in release limbo thanks to the financial snafu at MGM.
Source: MTV



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