Thor's costumes said to be "straight up medieval future tech looking"

I suppose it depends how much you want to trust "IndustryKiller," a commenter over at AICN, but his rather lengthy "why would you make this up" description of THOR’s costumes seems to be in line with scattered other reports we’ve heard about the film, and might help your fears that this movie was going to look absolutely ridiculous. Ignore the typos.

“Everyone looks absolutely perfect, right down tothe color scheme. ANd its straight up medieval future tech looking. And yes Loki has black straight hair even know Hiddleston is blonde and curly. THor is balls accurate though complete with cape, chain mail arms, the circles going down the front of the torso, and winged helmet. I’ve seen the costumes, and they did absolutely [frick]ing nail it. Very Walt Simonson.

And I think my reputation as someone very critical of most comic book films procedes me here so I’m not just some excited fanboy. The only thing that is funny about Loki’s costume is that while its gold and has the big horns sticking out, the helmet part of it, meaning the part that actually touches his head, kind of looks like a bicycle helmet, I think more so that it would, practically speaking, stay comfortable on the actor and not move around due to the horns.

The warriors three are also the same kind of medieval future tech look, a little less traditional than the comic but still very very awesome and the look of each of the actors themselves is [frick]ing dead on. Ray Stevenson looks especially cool in a chubby suit. Trust me, I think everyone here is going to be very very pleased as Branaugh just more or less adapted the comic. I was surprised at how well the looks work when translated into reality.”

Most of the time, costumes simply cannot be adapted straight from the comic without looking absolutely ridiculous, hence why we get makeovers like the X-Men’s MATRIX look. I suppose I could see Thor and his crew’s armor coming together in a pretty cool way, but it is rather hard to picture, even with this new description. Hopefully the next time this person is skulking around the set, they can snap a few pictures.

Extra Tidbit: I'm not sure who I'm more concerned about looking ridiculous, Thor or CapAm.
Source: AICN



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