Three Days gets Wilde

I'd be a terrible friend to you guys if I didn't post this bit of Olivia Wilde news, if for no other reason than to run this shot of her latest GQ spread. But alas, there is real news to be heard, and it involves Wilde signing on to Paul Haggis’ THREE DAYS where she’ll play a mother who befriends Russell Crowe’s character, who is working to get his wife (Elizabeth Banks) freed from jail.

This is a pretty big jump for Wilde, who despite being a TV fixture on “The OC” and “House” for a time, hasn’t had any truly meaty movie roles, appearing in films of TURISTAS, ALPHA DOG and THE GIRL NEXT DOOR calibur thus far. A Russell Crowe/Paul Haggis movie is a different league entirely, and we’ll see if Maxim’s hottest girl on the planet has the acting chops to hang with the big guys in a film where she has to do more than look pretty. Here’s to hoping she’s not the next Megan Fox.

Also joining the cast is Jonathan Tucker who will play a meth lab operator, but he looks a lot less hot in a bikini so I squeezed him out of the headline. Life's not fair. And speaking of, here’s one more parting shot that I just had to make full size. You’re welcome.

Extra Tidbit: I can only imagine if Fox WAS cast in this instead of Wilde. Soon we'd be hearing "Russell Crowe is such a lardass and Paul Haggis sucks, Crash was soooo boring."
Source: THRGQ



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