Three new Mondo posters for a movie classic, a cartoon, and a toy

Mondo unveiled quite a few new posters at the just concluded Comic Con. The GAME OF THRONES and DARK KNIGHT RISES posters were very cool. But, Mondo does not limit themselves. Here are three new posters for very diverse subjects.

Check out Mondo's LEGO LORD OF THE RINGS poster. I love that Lego Gollum. I have not gotten any of the toy sets yet but they call to me every time I pass them at Target.

CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, a classic demanding a 21st century makeover gets one of the best Mondo posters I have seen in quite a while. That would look gorgeous above my dining room table.

I just recently got into the bizarre world of ADVENTURE TIME. What a great show. I almost feel like there is no need for a LEGEND OF ZELDA movie with ADVENTURE TIME on the air.

Here is to hoping that Mondo continues releasing posters for years to come. Every time they unveil a new piece of art, whether I love it or just like it, I am glad they exist. What do you think of these new posters?

Source: Mondo



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