ThunderCats are on the move...to Cartoon Network

Back in late 2009, we reported that the planned THUNDERCATS movie at Warner Bros. was dead in the water. While it's possible we may still see a movie somewhere down the line, the plan was shifted to relaunch the brand via a new toy line and a new cartoon series on WB's Cartoon Network. Well the time has come when we to see our first image of what the new era of "ThunderCats" will look like:

That's Lion-O, Panthro, Cheetara and Tygra via Warner Bros. Animation (no word yet on whether Snarf will return). As you can see, they're given a new anime-style look and a leaked pic from the London Toy Fair shows Cheetara has another anime staple: huge boobs.

It's unclear when the series will begin airing on Cartoon Network but it is set for a 2011 debut. What this means for a possible THUNDERCATS movie remains to be seen but if you ever want to see Cheetara shaking her cleavage on-screen, you might want to tune in.

Extra Tidbit: Snarf snarf!
Source: JoBlo.com



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