Tim Miller & David Fincher team for Love, Death & Robots animated anthology

Animation enthusiasts, are you prepared for some truly awesome news? I sure hope so, because in my opinion, 2019 is coming out swinging with this next bit of information. Earlier today, it was announced that DEADPOOL director Tim Miller and David Fincher (FIGHT CLUB, ALIEN 3, SEVEN) are joining forces to create an adult-oriented animated anthology series, titled LOVE, DEATH & ROBOTS.

Created for release on Netflix, the series will be made up of a collection of 18 animated short films that span the science fiction, fantasy, horror and comedy genres. The announcement also stated that characters the likes of "sentient dairy products, werewolf soldiers, garbage monsters, cyborg bounty hunters, blood-thirsty demons from Hell" and "robots gone wild," will be featured as a part of the ambitious and intriguing new project. For the moment, it's believed that Miller's short form animation company, Blur Studio, will be orchestrating the animation presented in the series. Throughout the 18 stories that are planned for LOVE, DEATH & ROBOTS, viewers will encounter a variety of different animation styles, from 2D to photoreal CG renderings and beyond. Look out, SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE, everyone's going to be looking to ape your style, now that you've been crowned Best Animated Film of 2018 at this year's Golden Globes.

According to a recent Netflix press release:

The series draws inspiration from the eclectic and provocative genre material that influenced both Miller’s and Fincher’s formative interests in storytelling. Miller says, “Love, Death & Robots is my dream project, it combines my love of animation and amazing stories. Midnight movies, comics, books and magazines of fantastic fiction have inspired me for decades, but they were relegated to the fringe culture of geeks and nerds of which I was a part. I’m so fucking excited that the creative landscape has finally changed enough for adult-themed animation to become part of a larger cultural conversation.”

In order to deliver 18 original shorts, LOVE, DEATH & ROBOTS aims to tap the talents and unique perspectives of innovative animation studios, directors and artists from around the world. You might even call this project a ... maximum effort? Eh? Aw, c'mon! The joke was right there, y'all! Anyway, the series is set to be executively produced by David Fincher, Tim Miller, Jennifer Miller and Josh Donen.

Here's some more of what you can expect to see when LOVE, DEATH & ROBOTS arrives on Netflix:

Lastly, each episode will have a succinct run-time of 15-minutes in length, with each chapter being aimed strictly at an adult audiences - so be sure to lock down your Parental Settings before your little one goes thinking that this is Netflix's next family-friendly space exploration animation. I'm serious. The last thing you need to add to your work week is having an unsolicited chat with your children about the ramifications of robot STDs, the existence of werewolves, or why that space trucker always takes his afternoon BM in Stall #5 at the Good Times Interstellar Truck Stop - you know, the one with the neon glory hole.

Be sure to stay close for more information about LOVE, DEATH, and ROBOTS, as it becomes made available.



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