Tim Roth heads back to the director's chair with the adaptation Turning Stones, eyes Sam Rockwell for the lead

Actor Tim Roth, a victim of child abuse, touched on the very subject in his powerful directorial debut, THE WAR ZONE, back in 1999 to much critical acclaim. Today, THR is reporting that Roth will be getting behind the camera once again with a companion piece of sorts, an adaptation of the Marc Parent non-fiction book Turning Stones: My Days and Nights with Children at Risk, a collection of accounts of children in various situations of child abuse.

During his twenties, Parent traveled to NYC to try and make it as an actor. That didn't happen. Instead, the author joined an experimental social work unit at Emergency Children's Services. Parent was then thrust into situations that called upon him to protect children from abusive mothers and fathers, including instigating arrests and breaking households apart.

While there are no formal attachments to the project yet, Roth is said to be looking at actor Sam Rockwell (COWBOYS & ALIENS, MOON) to play the role of Marc Parent (despite the fact that Rockwell would be twice the age of the author when he first began in the social work unit).
Extra Tidbit: Roth's first directorial feature THE WAR ZONE is currently available to stream on Netflix.



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