Time to party like it's 1985 with this Back to the Future re-release poster

While this news might seem really f*cking cool, it's also really f*cking depressing.

For the 25th anniversary of BACK TO THE FUTURE, the film will be re-releasing in cinemas. But unfortunately not in the good ol' US of A.

Apparently we aren't cool enough here in the States for something this epic to happen to us. You know what we get? A blu-ray release of the original film on October 26th. Sigh. Better than nothing? Eh. I'd rather see it in theaters.

The re-release poster borrows from the original as you can see. I do appreciate the effort, but I like the original poster more. For those of you in the UK, consider yourselves lucky.

I've also included this really cool infograph via /Film. Designer Sean Mort put this thing together in an effort to better understand the timelines of all three films, "I watched the films yesterday and set about trying to make sense of the timeline. So I searched online and a lot of the information was very detailed so I set about trying to simplify it whilst still keeping the main elements. So it’s fairly condensed due to design and space constraints but it’s also fairly comprehensive. Most of the information was lifted then compressed from here."

Extra Tidbit: Michael J. Fox was my first crush as Alex P. Keaton on FAMILY TIES. A lot of you probably can't relate with that...um, remember Phoebe Cates' boobs? Those were nice.
Source: Empire/Film



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