Timothy Olyphant says 'No way it will happen' for a Deadwood movie

Back in January, programming president Casey Bloys got fans of HBO's DEADWOOD pretty fired up when he offered an update regarding HBO's plans to release a movie that wraps up David Milch's gritty Western series. With the best of intentions, Bloys stated, “Assuming that we could get all the actors back together, I think this is something we would do possibly next fall, fall 2018 … I’m waiting for a rewrite, and we have to get the numbers right … assuming we can get everybody back together, I’m feeling optimistic about it.” To say the least, this had DEADWOOD fans feeling real good about the whole thing. However, as we fast-forward to this Wednesday evening, we find that DEADWOOD actor Timothy Olyphant isn't feeling as optimistic about the project.

While appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the HITMAN and JUSTIFIED actor said there's "No fucking way it will ever happen,” in regard to the DEADWOOD film project coming together. He also said that if HBO does have plans to roll into production this fall, his inbox has been filled with nothing but tumbleweeds about it. In fact, when asked for his own update concerning the DEADWOOD film project, Olyphant said, “They are making an effort, and I’m hopeful. But, you know, it’s…”

“You’re hopeful!” Cohen said excitedly. “That’s good!”

“I am hopeful," Olyphant continued, looking rather put out by the query, "I mean I’m … I’m… I’m a huge fan of David Milch. The man means the world to me. It’s one of the most amazing creative experiences I’ve ever been able to be apart of, and I’d love to be … you know when you do these things you really miss the people. It would just be a lovely excuse to get all those people back together…”

And then, some real talk started to escape Olyphant's lips. With this in mind, I'd like to join me as we walk through this next bit of back-and-forth between Olyphant, Cohen, and Drew Barrymore, who co-stars with Olyphant on Netflix's SANTA CLARITA DIET, and was in attendance to promote the comedy program.

“That being said, there’s no f–king way it’s ever going to happen.” Cue Olyphant's mic drop!

“Not true!” Barrymore chimed. To which Olyphant quickly stated, “But I will do my part,” he confirmed.

To which Cohen then pressed,“Why do you think it will never happen? It’s too hard to get everyone together?”

“It’s too hard to get people together for a BBQ!” Olyphant truthed. “What are we talking about? I’m a cynic.”

“Drew thinks it’s going to happen,” Cohen said, throwing his weight behind Barrymore's hopes.

“It’s closer to being a reality than it’s ever been,” Olyphant said.

And with that, DEADWOOD fans let out a collective sigh of exhaustion, as they came to discover that Olyphant's comments weren't much of an update at all.

However, it's comforting to know that, if and when he gets the call, Olyphant is ready and willing to return to the Old West, no? Plus, he did say that they're working on. So perhaps things aren't as bleak as they seem? We'll be sure to bring you any updates that occur for this on-going saga.

Were you a fan of DEADWOOD? Are you really hoping that this movie comes together? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



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