New trailer for Titanic's Dolby Cinemas re-release sails in

Being the second biggest movie ever must be nice, and with it comes the perk of having a certain immortality in the annals of movie history. TITANIC has faced the challenge of numerous STAR WARS, MARVEL and FAST AND FURIOUS movies over the past 20 years, and only one movie has out-grossed it (AVATAR). To celebrate its anniversary and monolithic stature the movie is being re-released into select Dolby Cinemas, which are exclusively at AMC theaters. A new trailer to announce the release has been dropped, and what would a trailer for TITANIC be without an intro from James Cameron?

The cinematic landmark and winner of 11 Academy Awards has grossed a lifetime cume of $2.1 billion worldwide, a number that includes the 2012 3D re-release, and will surely go up when the movie hits theaters again December 1. The movie will play for one week at all Dolby screens in AMC theaters, including 20 locations that come equipped with 3D.  I for one was floored by the 3D re-release, and I'm sure the Dolby version is absolutely exquisite and will be an experience fans of the movie cannot miss. Will I be imagining myself as Rose (Kate Winslet) when Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) holds her at the front of the ship? It will be impossible not to on that big, enveloping Dolby screen.

TITANIC sails back into theaters on December 1.



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