Titanic vs. Star Wars at the 2012 3D box office?

Just a few days after Lucasfilm announced that the STAR WARS films would be have a 3D rerelease in theaters starting in 2012, Paramount and Fox are detailing plans for a 3D rerelease of their own in the former highest-grossing movie of all-time: TITANIC. What's more, both films are looking to release in spring of the same year, potentially pitting two of the biggest franchises in movie history on a collision course (no pun intended TITANIC fans).

Paramount and Fox are currently eyeballing April 15, 2012 for TITANIC as it would mark the 100th anniversary of the giant cruise ship sinking into the Atlantic Ocean. That said, they're also looking at Valentine's Day of that same year for obvious reasons.

While Lucasfilm has yet to release an official release date for THE PHANTOM MENACE, the first of the 3D conversion from the STAR WARS franchise, preliminary word was "early 2012" with rumors having it in late-February.

While it might seem like a sexy matchup on paper - TITANIC vs. STAR WARS in a fight to the box-office death!! - Fox is invested in both movies and would likely want to seek a situation that was financially lucrative for both properties. The better question is who will get the date they want. With both James Cameron and George Lucas' films eyeing February releases, will there be a power struggle for one film to get the theoretical better date?

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Source: THR



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