Title for new Marvel one-shot revealed; evidence still points to Mandarin

I know several people who had an issue with IRON MAN 3's main "villain" the Mandarin played by Ben Kingsley. We recently posted that all signs were pointing at Mandarin for the next one-shot. Now with the title reveal, the support for this claim is becoming even stronger.

The British Board of Film Classification posted the extras for the THOR: THE DARK WORLD DVD release. Right up top was "ALL HAIL THE KING – A MARVEL ONE-SHOT". Now you might be thinking? Wait, won't it have to do with THOR? No. None of the previous one-shots were related to the film they were released with.

Kingsley also revealed that he was working on a "secret project" for Marvel the same month that the rumor spread that the one-shot was focused on his character.

A tweet from IRON MAN 3 writer Drew Pearce only furthered the evidence:

Oh, and the final thing if you remember:

Trevor Slattery’s King Lear was the talk of Croydon.

Very interesting…

Extra Tidbit: As a BREAKING BAD fan when I saw "All Hail the King" I thought Heisenberg.



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