Todd Phillips proves his Joker film is all about the clowns with new set pic

We’ve had a lot of fun this last week looking at all the pictures and videos coming out for the standalone JOKER movie, most of them featuring Joaquin Phoenix in the title role and caked in makeup. Other than Pennywise, Joker is perhaps the most notoriously evil clown in pop culture, but the set of the movie from Todd Phillips will be littered with all sorts of clowns, and the director took to Instagram to prove it.

While on the set of the movie Phillips snapped a pic of a clown taking a break from, I don’t know, clown stuff, and is giving a rather intense (and freaky) look at the camera. It’s hard to tell if that’s Phoenix under the getup, and if it is, it raises all kinds of questions as to why he’s gone 100 percent clown here. If not, and it's just a random clown, then this movie may have more balloon animals and face painting than we previously thought.



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Also, a JoBlo reader named James shared with us a photo taken from the set of the movie, which shows a ‘70s/'80s-style Gotham police car, which may not reveal a ton of info, but is still cool to look at nonetheless.


This pic comes on the heels of all the other pictures that have made their way around the web, a big batch of them showing Phoenix, in full costume, wreaking havoc on a subway platform. Before that there was the official test screening footage of the actor going from humble, slightly unnerving Arthur to full on creep-o Joker in makeup. All of it is making folks paying attention to this movie wonder what the hell it is and what kind of direction it's going in. I guess we will know for sure when a trailer drops, and at this rate that should be by this Thursday.  

JOKER is set for October 4, 2019.

Source: Todd Phillips



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