Tokyo Drift's Lucas Black joins the next three installments of Fast and Furious

Lucas Black is returning to THE FAST AND FURIOUS franchise. But wait, it's not just the next installment, it's the next three installments. Black, who I will never unsee as the kid from SLING BLADE was the star of 2006's THE FAST AND FURIOUS: TOKYO DRIFT.

Basically that rapper BOW WOW introduced Sean Boswell (Black) to Tokyo's drifting scene. He introduces him to the Drift King who gets him into some shady activities. Everyone was wondering why Brad from HOME IMPROVEMENT is in this then Sonny Chiba awesomely shows up as a leader of the Yakuza. They get accused of stealing, Sean's girlfriend gives up easily, and they have to build a new car. Sean becomes the new Drift King because duh. He eventually gets his girlfriend back but at the end is challenge to a race by Dom (Vin Diesel) who wins at everything. That covers everything, right?

Black has got to be excited about coming back to the franchise as a regular character. He was most recently in the Jackie Robinson flick 42 with Harrison Ford. James Wan is the next helmer, and has dropped out of horror and broke my heart.

FAST & FURIOUS 7 will race into theaters on July 11, 2014.

Source: Deadline



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