Tom Brady movie from The Fighter & Finest Hours writers is rushing to us

Real men know much more about footy-ball than yours truly, but I do know one thing about the game: to some people Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots, is a god among men. That’s not a figurative statement either. He is literally worshiped in some parts of the country, I’m sure. And what do you do to worship a god? Well it used to be sacrificing a bull, but nowadays we just make a movie.

Deadline got the scoop that, indeed, Tom Brady will be getting his own biopic, and an accompanying book, for your entertainment pleasure. As of now THE FIGHTER and THE FINEST HOURS writers Eric Johnson and Paul Tamasy will handle the script side of things, while New York Times bestseller Casey Sherman (who wrote the 2009 book of FINEST HOURS) will handle the book side, along with Dave Wedge.

The movie will surprisingly cover much of the football stars’ life, with a large focus being on the recent Super Bowl LI victory, in which they came back in the final quarter to win 34-28 -- which I suppose was a pretty big deal. Also being covered will be the infamous Deflategate of 2014, giving the movie a “rise-and-fall” angle. No one has been cast or tapped to direct, but I can already see hordes of men in cities like Boston sending in audition tapes. Like, literal VHS tapes in the mail.

Though I’m not one to shy away from a well-made biopic, I can already see this as a love letter to the guy. All of Tamasy and Johnson’s movies (including a story credit for PATRIOTS DAY) are all set in Massachusetts, and Sherman and Wedge are from the area. There’s nothing wrong with that angle as long as it’s a good movie, I guess. I’m just wondering now who could play the mega-athlete. Mark Wahlberg is only six years older than Brady (45 and 39), so there's that. I mean, they both have the Batman jawline thing going on.

Source: Deadline



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