Tom Cruise has apparently been injured on the set of M: I 6

Doing an action movie can be a dangerous job, and any actor who performs their own stunts has a very good chance of getting a few bumps and bruises – and Tom Cruise is no exception. Though he’s sprinted alongside the tallest building in the world and hung onto the side of an airplane, coming back unscathed, Cruise has apparently been injured after performing a stunt while shooting MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 6.

TMZ obtained footage of the incident in which Cruise, while attached to a pulley system, is seen running along a scaffold, and then leaps to the adjacent rooftop. Unfortunately, he misses the rooftop and slams into the side of the building. He then hoists himself up and proceeds to try and continue running, but can only muster a limp before collapsing. He tries to put some more weight on it before being brought to the scaffold via the pulleys. That extent of the injury is unknown at this point, and Cruises reps have not put out a statement.

However, when watching the video he appears to be fine, having presumably just injured his right leg/foot. The 55-year-old actor may have just suffered a sprain, but any sort of breakage could slightly delay the production of the movie. Cruise has been doing these kinds of high-intensity action movies for decades, so chances are he will rough it out like a pro. This kind of injury, though somewhat freaky to see happen on video, comes with the territory. Naturally, he will pull through, with a badass story to share and awesome movie to show off.

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 6 arrives July 27, 2018.

Source: TMZ



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