Tom Cruise jumps on another sci-fi project with Chohel Kamayashi's Yukikaze

Did you think that after OBLIVION that Tom Cruise would take a break from the sci-fi genre? If so, you couldn't be more wrong.

Cruise is attached to star in YUKIKAZE, an adaptation of a series of Japanese novels by Chohel Kamayashi for Warner Bros. The five novels were turned into a direct to video anime series in 2002 by Bandai Visual and Gonzo. At first the name didn't ring a bell, but when I went to search images I immediately remembered the series. It was one of those that I wanted to watch, then ended up watching RANMA 1/2. Don't ask how I made that decision.

The story centers on, "a planetary defense force beat back an invasion of aliens using a wormhole over Antarctica, setting up bases on the alien’s planet. Yukikaze is the name of the advanced reconnaissance fighter plane the hero uses on his missions."

Be sure to go check out OBLIVION this weekend when it drops on the 19th. Can't wait to see Cruise in another sci-fi adventure!

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Source: THR



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