Tom Cruise posters re-imagined with the power of Howard the Duck

Joe Chencharik recently took movie poster art to the next level, after a joke with his co-podcaster, TJ Dex, resulted in some truly inspired and iconic images. As the story goes, Dex is not the biggest fan of Hollywood golden boy Tom Cruise, though he is quite the enthusiast for Lucasfilm's version of HOWARD THE DUCK. In wanting to have some fun at the expense of Dex's affection for the crass duck detective, Chencharik decided to get creative with movie posters for some of Cruise's most legendary roles, by replacing the couch-jumping, self-stunting actor with a 1986-style Howard the Duck.

You can check out the posters by Chencharik below:

The ducktastic posters recently caught the attention of Nerdist, who asked Chencharik about why he chose to use the 1986 version of Howard, as opposed to his GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY re-design. “The vintage puppet Howard is just funnier,” said Chencharik, who says that he plans to make more of the posters as time marches on.

I happen to agree with Chencharik about '86 Howard making for a better poster candidate than Marvel's latest on-screen version of the character. Plus, I have to admit that I wouldn't mind seeing a cut of TOP GUN or INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE starring the finely-feathered fowl. It'd be the type of screening that you could make some killer drinks for, and laugh along with your friends as you watch Howard flounce around in Louis de Pointe du Lac's Gothic best, frills and all.

Is there a Tom Cruise movie poster you'd like to see Chencharik give his Howard the Duck treatment to? Are you not-so-secretly hoping that Marvel will announce a HOWARD THE DUCK film, down the line? Personally, I'd be down for that. It could be a gritty noir set in the back alleys of the MCU. In fact, call me Marvel, I've got some ideas.

Source: TwitterNerdist



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