Tom Cruise to take on politics and scandal in new film

We haven't seen much from Tom Cruise  recently, but we're about to as MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL and ROCK OF AGES are on the way.

But add one more to that upcoming list, as Cruise is set to star in a untitled film where he plays a disgraced politician returning home to find himself.

It's based on a pitch from CRAZY, STUPID LOVE's Dan Fogleman, and Warner Bros. just won the bidding war for the project.

The last time Cruise tried politics, it was LIONS FOR LAMBS, a movie that quite honestly I never heard word one about when it was released. Any good?

I can easily see Cruise as a charming politician, and one that resembles him with a scandal to boot would be John Edwards, the democrat who not only cheated with his wife, but did so when she had cancer, and had a love child in the process. No word on what Cruise's scandal will be, but it's hard to top that!

Extra Tidbit: Sure, he's probably insane, but the man makes damn good movies!
Source: Deadline



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