Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts exchange smiles in first Larry Crowne trailer

It's been a rather long time since we've seen either Tom Hanks or Julia Roberts in something significant, and to see them return together in one movie you'd immediately think "Oscars galore!"

But as this first trailer for LARRY CROWNE demonstrates, it doesn't quite seem like that type of film. Hanks is a unemployed man headed back to college and Roberts is his teacher, and by the end of the trailer, they're in love. The film also stars Cedric the Entertainer and Taraj P. Henson.

You know, I love Hanks and I'm inclined to believe that most things he's in I'll love (excluding Dan Brown-related ventures), but if I'm being honest, I think that if you subbed out two black actors for Hanks and Roberts, slapped a "directed by Tyler Perry" stamp on there, I'm not sure you'd need to change anything else to make that idea plausible.

But both Hanks and Roberts are huge talents and audience draws, so perhaps their performances will elevate this seemingly mundane story to something unexpectedly great. Watch for yourself below or see it in HD at Yahoo!

Extra Tidbit: Have you ever met anyone who didn't like Tom Hanks?
Source: Yahoo!



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