Tom Hanks and Tim Allen off on a Jungle Cruise for Disney?

Well, we like them together in animated form, so it stands to reason they might work together well in real life as well.

Disney is making moves to get TOY STORY duo Tom Hanks and Tim Allen into a live-action movie together called JUNGLE CRUISE, you guessed it, based around the theme park ride. Laugh all you want, but it worked for PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, and lighting might strike twice, especially with that casting combo.

The film is being written by Robert S.H. Schulman, who has previously written SHREK and JUNGLE BOOK 2.

Hanks has LARRY CROWNE coming out with Julia Roberts soon, and according to this Deadline article, is signed up to play Mattel toy Major Matt Mason in another upcoming film. Guess I must have missed that one?

I’m all for Tom Hanks in anything not Dan Brown-related, but I’ve always been a Tim Allen fan despite all the shit he gets. What say you?

Extra Tidbit: Get Spielberg to direct it, and maybe we'll have a three-way comeback on our hands.
Source: Deadline



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